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Ruptela Eco 4+

basic1-125_information The Ruptela Eco 4+ is a heavy-duty built-in tracking device.
Installation help is available here.

ruptela_eco4_plusRuptela‘s ECO 4+ is a 4th generation low-cost, low power consumption basic tracking device.
It determines its location by a GPS/GLONASS signal and transfers data to servers via the GPRS cellular network. The device offers:

  • Vehicle monitoring and control
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Security and safety alerts
  • Heavy-duty fleet tracking


The Eco 4+ is a standard GPS/Glonass tracking device designed for vehicles of different types. Its purpose is to monitor the vehicle’s location, route, mileage, speed and other parameters.

The Eco 4+ is also designed for driver identification and monitoring the fuel quantity in the tank, cargo temperature, and driving style.


Technical information

Device features:

  • IP67 standard
    (Dust and Waterproof)
  • Lower power consumption
  • Integrated battery
  • Power supply: 12 / 24 V
  • External GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • 4 MB internal memory
  • 4 profiles
  • 1-Wire interface

Device capabilities:

  • Tracking and remote control
  • International tracking(roaming)
  • Driver identification
  • Emergency management

Monitoring capabilities:

  • Route
  • Speed
  • Fuel quantity
  • Temperature

Physical characteristics:

Product dimensions 82×63×28 mm
Status indicator LEDs GNSS status, GSM status, 1-Wire
Housing Plastic with cable glands, waterproof
External elements GPS/GLONASS all-in-one antenna
12 PINs (insulated)

The device has a very sturdy body manufactured to IP67 standard. Compliance with this standard means that the device is fully resistant to dust and water, therefore, it can be used in various working environments and applications, such as in boats, motorcycles etc.

Technical characteristics:

Power consumption:
Deep sleep mode 7 mA @ 12 V
Normal mode Max. 100 mA @ 12 V
Battery charging Max. 200 mA @ 12 V
Power Supply 10-32 V
GPS/GLONASS specifications
Mudule channel munber 56
Sensitivity -161 dBm
Antenna frequency 1575,42 MHz
GSM specifications
Modem Quad band
Antenna Internal, Quad band
Ambient temperature ratings, in °C:
Storage temperature -40 – +65
Operating temperature -35 – +60
Battery charging 0 – +45
Battery discharging -20 – +60

The FM-Eco4+ has an integrated battery which enables the device to independently send data during up to one hour after disconnection from a power source. The integrated battery also serves as a protection against theft. The jamming-detection functionality allows to block the engine of the vehicle.

The device built-in protections:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Electrostatic discharge protection on USB and on 1-Wire
  • Overcurrent protection on 1-Wire power
  • Electrostatic discharge protection on SIM card slot
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GPS receiver

GPS receiver

basic1-125_information A GPS signal receiver chip is an essential part of any tracking device.
basic2-117_open_reading_book The Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to pinpoint a device’s location anywhere on earth.

The basic concept is that GPS satellites send signals to the earth, containing their position and the time the signal was sent. The receiver chip, which is a part of the tracker, takes this signal and analyses it.

Once the device has received a clear signal from at least four satellites, it can calculate its position.


Note: receiving GPS signals only permits the device’s owner to tell its location. Tracking requires the device to send its calculated position to an additional endpoint, such as a server.

In the case of IneTrack, this data is sent using the mobile network (cellular network), therefore all devices have a mobile data connection (which is enabled by a SIM card).

If this connection is temporarily lost, the device can cache its data, and may send it once the connection is re-established, so no data loss may occur.

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SIM card

SIM card

basic1-125_information A Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card is a small plastic card with an integrated circuit.
Having a SIM card enables the device to wirelessly communicate with a cellular network.

This network is used for all data traffic. The tracker device will regularly send its calculated position (along with additional data) in small packets to a server, where the contents of these packets are analysed.

To ensure privacy and reliability, IneTrack uses a Virtual Private Network.

IneTrack SIM cards use M2M communication. You may choose either a roaming or a non-roaming subscription. If you opt for a non-roaming SIM card and you leave your country, the tracker will function as normal. It will uploads all of its data when you return to the original network.

Similarly, if a signal loss happens, the device will continue to record, and cache the data. When a clear signal has been re-established with the network, it will upload the cached data.

Note: the devices may also work with the owner’s existing SIM card if it has an active mobile data subscription.

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Private business journal app

Private business journal app

basic1-125_information The private business journal displays segments marked private by drivers.

The private business journal works like the standard journal, however, it also displays trip segments marked private by a driver.

By using an additional switch installed in the vehicle, the driver has an option to mark an ongoing trip private. This method is favored when drivers want to use the company’s resources for their own personal needs.

A compatible tracker and a toggle switch is needed for the usage of the Business-private journal.

  1. Feature comparison

Feature comparison

privat-business journal_menu
The main difference is that you may also filter the journal’s data by both a tracker and a diver. This is done by having an additional button in the menu bar, the “Choose driver” button.

The journal will display “personal” and “business” trip segments separately.

privat-business journal_summary

privat-business journal_route

The journal can be exported in .xls, .pdf or .csv format using the Export button in the top-right corner.

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Journal app

Journal app

journal app The journal app contains basic information about your trips, such as the distance travelled, speed, driving and waiting times.

The journal app displays all the information recorded by your tracker(s). You can select the trackers to be included in the journal as well as filtering the data by date.

In addition to the standard journal, there is also a private business journal app, which filters data differently.

  1. Route information

Route information:

After selecting a tracker and a time range, the app will display information (recorded within the specified time range) about the tracker.



At the top of the journal there is a short summary showing you basic information about your journeys.



Below the summary you will find daily statistics and detailed information about each day.

The journal can be exported in .xls, .pdf or .csv format using the Export button in the top-right corner.


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