SIM card

SIM card

basic1-125_information A Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card is a small plastic card with an integrated circuit.
Having a SIM card enables the device to wirelessly communicate with a cellular network.

This network is used for all data traffic. The tracker device will regularly send its calculated position (along with additional data) in small packets to a server, where the contents of these packets are analysed.

To ensure privacy and reliability, IneTrack uses a Virtual Private Network.

IneTrack SIM cards use M2M communication. You may choose either a roaming or a non-roaming subscription. If you opt for a non-roaming SIM card and you leave your country, the tracker will function as normal. It will uploads all of its data when you return to the original network.

Similarly, if a signal loss happens, the device will continue to record, and cache the data. When a clear signal has been re-established with the network, it will upload the cached data.

Note: the devices may also work with the owner’s existing SIM card if it has an active mobile data subscription.

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