Route statistics app

route statistics app With the help of the Route statistics app, you can create monthly or weekly reports of your trackers.

The route statistics app will generate informative charts for you based on the distance and duration of your routes.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Distance-based reports
  3. Time-based reports
  4. Route summary


The dashboard has shortcuts for the most commonly used reports. You can easily generate weekly or monthly distance-based or time-based reports.

Distance-based reports

Distance-based reports display information about the total distance travelled, the number of trips taken as well as the average distance.

You can also refine your reports by specifying the time interval, the trackers or tracker groups to be included in the report.

Time-based reports

Here you can find detailed data about each tracker and a summary about the vehicles, driving and waiting times in the diagram and in a chart. The application can also calculate the average driving and waiting time of the tracked vehicles if you choose to query information about more vehicles at once.

Route summary

The route summary option will create a quick summary report for you, showing both the total distance travelled and the total duration of all trips.