Private business journal app

basic1-125_information The private business journal displays segments marked private by drivers.

The private business journal works like the standard journal, however, it also displays trip segments marked private by a driver.

By using an additional switch installed in the vehicle, the driver has an option to mark an ongoing trip private. This method is favored when drivers want to use the company’s resources for their own personal needs.

A compatible tracker and a toggle switch is needed for the usage of the Business-private journal.

  1. Feature comparison

Feature comparison

privat-business journal_menu
The main difference is that you may also filter the journal’s data by both a tracker and a diver. This is done by having an additional button in the menu bar, the “Choose driver” button.

The journal will display “personal” and “business” trip segments separately.

privat-business journal_summary

privat-business journal_route

The journal can be exported in .xls, .pdf or .csv format using the Export button in the top-right corner.