Location-based data app

location-based data app The location-based data app visually plots your tracker’s data on the map.

Trackers are able to send variety of data to the IneTrack servers. The most important of which are GPS coordinates, but data from other sensors (if any) are reported as well.

The location-based data app lets you see all this information in one list.

  1. Events and reports
  2. Map view

Events and reports

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The location-based data app will show you both the exact location where a tracker has reported its position, (there are the “Reports”) and any tracker-related events or alerts.



Note: some “external events”, such as ignition or low fuel require an additional sensor to work.


Map view

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The map view displays the locations of reports, events an alerts on the map. You may individually view each and every one.




You may export the app’s current view in .xls, .csv and in .pdf format. To do so, click the “Export” button in the top-right corner.

Note: the map will not be exported, only the tabular data will.