basic2-085_warning_attention We recommend going to a service station and have the tracker installed there by professionals.

You may also install the tracker yourself at your own risk.  However, only attempt installation if you are confident that you have the suitable knowledge to perform a proper installation! Incorrect installation may cause the device to malfunction.

Note: there is usually enough space to place the tracker behind the dashboard. If you wish to install the tracker onto a metal surface, make sure to apply a layer of thermal insulation between the device and the surface.

The positioning of the GPS antenna is very important.

The accuracy and the consistency of the tracking solely depends on whether the device can receive a clear signal or not. Therefore, do not install the antenna into the engine compartment or in the trunk as these locations are shaded by the metal body of the car.

List of our partner stations

Szombathely, Nagy Lajos király st. 1­5
Győr, Tompa st. 2.
Nagykanizsa, Petőfi Sándor st. 85.
Székesfehérvár, Fehér Palota Üzletközpont
Pécs, Verseny st. 10.
Sárszentmiklós, Köztársaság st., next to the gas station
Kiskőrös, Móra Ferenc u.
Szigethalom, Átjáró alley
Piliscsaba, Temető st.
Budapest, Verseny st.
Budapest, Ungvár st.
Budapest, Háromszéki st.
Hatvan, Robert Bosch st. 3.
Nagykáta, Gyóni Géza st.
Miskolc, PRO­PEL Kft.
Debrecen, Zelemér st. 1.
Nyíregyháza, Jegenye st. 2.
Nyírmada, Ady Endre st.