GPS receiver

basic1-125_information A GPS signal receiver chip is an essential part of any tracking device.
basic2-117_open_reading_book The Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to pinpoint a device’s location anywhere on earth.

The basic concept is that GPS satellites send signals to the earth, containing their position and the time the signal was sent. The receiver chip, which is a part of the tracker, takes this signal and analyses it.

Once the device has received a clear signal from at least four satellites, it can calculate its position.


Note: receiving GPS signals only permits the device’s owner to tell its location. Tracking requires the device to send its calculated position to an additional endpoint, such as a server.

In the case of IneTrack, this data is sent using the mobile network (cellular network), therefore all devices have a mobile data connection (which is enabled by a SIM card).

If this connection is temporarily lost, the device can cache its data, and may send it once the connection is re-established, so no data loss may occur.