Driver app

driver app The driver app enables you to view and manage your drivers, set up keycodes, and organize driver groups easily.

Note: To work properly, both the standard “Journal” and the “Private business journal” apps require at least one driver in the address book.

The driver app functions as an address book containing basic information, such as names and phone numbers. Using driver groups will help you stay organized if you have a large fleet, or multiple fleets. You may also assign keycodes to your drivers using this app.

  1. Available properties for a driver
  2. Available properties for driver groups

Available properties for a driver

  • Name (required)
    You must enter the driver’s name!
  • Phone number
    You may enter the driver’s phone number.
  • Key code
    You may create a keycode for the driver.
  • Group (required)
    You must assign the driver to a group!
    If you do not do so, a default group will be used.

Available properties for driver groups

  • Name (required)
    You must enter a name for the driver group!
  • Description
    You may add a description to the driver group.