Route statistics app

Route statistics app

route statistics app With the help of the Route statistics app, you can create monthly or weekly reports of your trackers.

The route statistics app will generate informative charts for you based on the distance and duration of your routes.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Distance-based reports
  3. Time-based reports
  4. Route summary


The dashboard has shortcuts for the most commonly used reports. You can easily generate weekly or monthly distance-based or time-based reports.

Distance-based reports

Distance-based reports display information about the total distance travelled, the number of trips taken as well as the average distance.

You can also refine your reports by specifying the time interval, the trackers or tracker groups to be included in the report.

Time-based reports

Here you can find detailed data about each tracker and a summary about the vehicles, driving and waiting times in the diagram and in a chart. The application can also calculate the average driving and waiting time of the tracked vehicles if you choose to query information about more vehicles at once.

Route summary

The route summary option will create a quick summary report for you, showing both the total distance travelled and the total duration of all trips.

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Driver app

Driver app

driver app The driver app enables you to view and manage your drivers, set up keycodes, and organize driver groups easily.

Note: To work properly, both the standard “Journal” and the “Private business journal” apps require at least one driver in the address book.

The driver app functions as an address book containing basic information, such as names and phone numbers. Using driver groups will help you stay organized if you have a large fleet, or multiple fleets. You may also assign keycodes to your drivers using this app.

  1. Available properties for a driver
  2. Available properties for driver groups

Available properties for a driver

  • Name (required)
    You must enter the driver’s name!
  • Phone number
    You may enter the driver’s phone number.
  • Key code
    You may create a keycode for the driver.
  • Group (required)
    You must assign the driver to a group!
    If you do not do so, a default group will be used.

Available properties for driver groups

  • Name (required)
    You must enter a name for the driver group!
  • Description
    You may add a description to the driver group.
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Reminder app

Reminder app

reminder app The reminder app was designed to help you keep important dates in mind.

With the reminder app, you can make sure that you and the fleet management will be notified of the need of an oil change, the expiry of a driving licence, deadlines and so on.

  1. Available properties for a reminder
  2. List of predetermined reminder types

Available properties for a reminder

  • Type (required)
    You must select a type for the reminder!
    These types are predetermined, see the list below.
  • Associated tracker (required)
    You must associate a reminder with a tracker!
    You cannot set a reminder otherwise.
  • Comment
    You may add custom comments to the reminder.
    These comments will be shown with the notifications for the reminder.
  • Expiration date (required)
    You must select an expiration date for the reminder!
    You may set the reminder to repeat itself.
    You may set the reminder to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Notifications
    You may add a notification to the reminder.
    The system is limited to one reminder per notification.
    You may set when the notification will occur.
    You may opt for an email notification along with the standard in-app notification.
    Any entered email addresses here will receive a complete description of the given reminder, along with the custom comments.

List of predetermined reminder types

  • Brake pad replacement
  • CASCO payment
  • Compulsory insurance payment
  • Driving licence expiration
  • First-aid box expiration
  • Green card expiration
  • Instalment payment
  • Journal, accounting
  • Lease payment
  • Liquid level control
  • Oil change
  • Registration certificate
  • Service
  • Vignette expiration
  • Winter-summer transition
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