inetracker android app The IneTracker is an app for Android devices. This app allows you to use your phone or tablet as a handheld tracker.

The IneTracker app is available through Google Play store free of charge.



App features

The app will use positioning services available on your device. Most devices have a GPS receiver chip within, but the system may also use multiple methods in conjunction to get a more accurate reading.



Aug 9, 2013, 4:38:04 AM

  • Pairing bugs fixed
  • Data usage optimisation

Sep 9, 2014, 7:28:07 AM

  • New option: City mode (WiFi-based: this saves battery)
  • Minor bug fixes

Sep 11, 2014, 7:41:31 AM

  • Bug fixes: when the location data is switched off

Sep 12, 2014, 8:08:25 AM

  • Options menu fix: There was some problem below android 4.x

Oct 17, 2014, 6:41:42 AM

  • Minor bug fix: positioning, unexpected shutdown
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Private business journal app

Private business journal app

basic1-125_information The private business journal displays segments marked private by drivers.

The private business journal works like the standard journal, however, it also displays trip segments marked private by a driver.

By using an additional switch installed in the vehicle, the driver has an option to mark an ongoing trip private. This method is favored when drivers want to use the company’s resources for their own personal needs.

A compatible tracker and a toggle switch is needed for the usage of the Business-private journal.

  1. Feature comparison

Feature comparison

privat-business journal_menu
The main difference is that you may also filter the journal’s data by both a tracker and a diver. This is done by having an additional button in the menu bar, the “Choose driver” button.

The journal will display “personal” and “business” trip segments separately.

privat-business journal_summary

privat-business journal_route

The journal can be exported in .xls, .pdf or .csv format using the Export button in the top-right corner.

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Journal app

Journal app

journal app The journal app contains basic information about your trips, such as the distance travelled, speed, driving and waiting times.

The journal app displays all the information recorded by your tracker(s). You can select the trackers to be included in the journal as well as filtering the data by date.

In addition to the standard journal, there is also a private business journal app, which filters data differently.

  1. Route information

Route information:

After selecting a tracker and a time range, the app will display information (recorded within the specified time range) about the tracker.



At the top of the journal there is a short summary showing you basic information about your journeys.



Below the summary you will find daily statistics and detailed information about each day.

The journal can be exported in .xls, .pdf or .csv format using the Export button in the top-right corner.


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Points of Interest app

Points of Interest app

basic1-125_information Points of Interest (or POIs) are specific locations on the map.
We use POIs to alert you when your trackers enter or exit an area.

If you group nearby POIs together, you can paint an area on the map, which now has a “virtual fence”. This feature is also called a “geofence” or “geofencing”.

POIs are widely used to mark important and useful locations on the map, such as gas stations, parking lots, transit stations, coffee shops and pharmacies.

  1. Available properties for a POI
  2. Available properties for POI groups

Available properties for a POI

  • Group (required)
    You must assign the POI to a group!
    If you do not do so, a default group will be used.
  • Name (required)
    You must enter the POI’s name!
  • Description
    You may add a description to the POI.
  • Event on enter
    Select this option if you want us to generate an event every time one of your trackers enters the area selected on the map.
  • Alert on enter
    Along with the event, you may also receive a system-wide alert every time one of your trackers enters the area selected on the map.
    Enabling this option will also enable the “Event on enter” option.
  • Event on exit
    See: “Event on enter.”
  • Alert on exit
    See: “Alert on enter.”
  • Send email from alerts
    If you wish to receive emails from the “Alert on enter” and the “Alert on exit” alerts, enable this option.

Available properties for POI groups

  • Name (required)
    You must enter a name for the POI group!
  • Description
    You may add a description to the POI group.
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Location-based data app

Location-based data app

location-based data app The location-based data app visually plots your tracker’s data on the map.

Trackers are able to send variety of data to the IneTrack servers. The most important of which are GPS coordinates, but data from other sensors (if any) are reported as well.

The location-based data app lets you see all this information in one list.

  1. Events and reports
  2. Map view

Events and reports

lbd 3

The location-based data app will show you both the exact location where a tracker has reported its position, (there are the “Reports”) and any tracker-related events or alerts.



Note: some “external events”, such as ignition or low fuel require an additional sensor to work.


Map view

lbd 2



The map view displays the locations of reports, events an alerts on the map. You may individually view each and every one.




You may export the app’s current view in .xls, .csv and in .pdf format. To do so, click the “Export” button in the top-right corner.

Note: the map will not be exported, only the tabular data will.

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